sharing is caring ;)

hi there, this page is made to share people work.

we will only post:

-big edits

-head/body you made

we won’t post recolors or small edit (like just the eyes or the skin)! 

so to get you work posted here send me a mail to with your head/body (and maybe the original if it’s an edit to give credit to the original maker too), your name on graal and if you have one the link of your gfx so i can give credit (and even a pic of your profile if you want).

6- from sushi from cutiiie

ni-dolly-combo-blonde-gif ni-dolly-combo-pink-gif ni-dolly-combo-red-gif rayfrappe-black-head-gif1 rayfrappe-blonde-head-gif1 sushiswaggot-dara-head-brown-orange-gif1 sushiswaggot-dara-head-gif1 rayfrappe-blue-head-gif1 rayfrappe-brown-head-gif1 ni-dolly-combo-white-gif

5- heads by Linda from this gfx is really awesome c: you should look cause there are a lot of girls and BOYS heads

omgqtpieblue omgqtpieblonde omgqtpiewhite omgqtpiesalmon omgqtpiered omgqtpieblack omgqtpiebrown

4- heads edited by AngelRose Flare from so cuuuuuute c:

musicgirl11 musicgirl23musicboy2musicboy1

3- bodies by nox from  this is so great! this gfx deserve so much views! i support at 100% so CHECK CHECK CHECK

noxoveralls_green noxflufiness_grey noxcardigan_red

2- head by mocha from so fkng cute 😮

super nice edit of a head i made c: so much better now

3507070_orig 7444724_orig 7499512_orig 7982320_orig

1- head by pip from  so awesome you should give a look to this gfx c:

website6red website6black website6white website6blonde website6brunnette website6blue



36 thoughts on “sharing is caring ;)

  1. I send u a email to post some of my heads on this page 😀 check ur email gurlll. btw my site

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