By Lucy:

horsebylucyhorsebylucy2 horsebylucyFiremount


71 thoughts on “Horses

  1. can u make a bee with 2 People Mount and send it tho the admins when u make that then i will buy it plz i will be so happy when u make that 😀

  2. Hey can u telll me where i can get furniture, juggles and/or other templates? Im a starter in gfx and i would like to have a go at some more stuff. I wish to apply to be a graphic admin but must make some iteams to be able to. I have the hat template and the mount but i dont have the furniture and the other templates i want just to have fun with. If u can help me in anyway i would be most happy.

  3. Hai I’m dark§tar I just wanna ask when I saw Dario<3 I just wanted to check ur website but can u do some more heads on it without ur name (Lucy) on the head xD?

    • It’s maddy plz reply

      I want a cute white bunny for a horse and a girl head with long light brown hair but send me a pic of the horse and head also body will be a body with white bunny slippers
      So send me pics of them
      Thx 🙂

  4. Can u plz make me a simple body it’s like a noob body with a square body then like stick figure arms and legs if so pm me in graal my name is gavin on there but I’m changing it to arch so if so pm arch plz

    • (Nico) never!I Never never never! And the hats aren’t stolen omg, she only took some pictures and edited them – – I don’t think that you’re good enough to make Lucy’s work so don’t blame her, thanks.

  5. Lucy can you send free heads and bodies to me? 😦 I really want an uploaded head and body so bad 😦 please reply 😦

  6. (Nico) For all the players who are asking for a new body/head: the answer is no. Lucy has a lot of work and I think that there are enough heads and bodies on her website. I’m sorry but doing a head doesn’t take 1 or 2 minutes :s

  7. hey lucy, can you upload a head for me?? pls, bc when i uploaded this day, someone said that i cant have it and i have no right to have it, and im like i found it on graal depot? and they start saying some rude things to me like, the owner of the head called me pathetic, for stealing her head. Can you make a head for me? please. -R.

  8. you can use ifile to replace any horse you want(the Unicorn for example) with one of these, that will make all that. Just replace the Unicorn’s teplate with one of the ones lucy made. This will make all the unicorns in game look like that horse, but only from your perspective

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