221 thoughts on “Head (Boys)

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  2. my first uploaded head was from lucygraal, yes i did edit the lucy on the back but when someone asks me where its from i always tell them where it really is from, this the reason why leah and sophie quit.

    • oh and leah i hope its not too much to ask but IF you have time can you please make me a personal upload,its okay if u dont want too just pm me on graal anytime : iMaGiNe Theo (Royal Blood)

  3. HEY GUYS! I think Lucy, Sophie & Leah are trying their best right now! Please don’t be selfish and ask for requests! If they make one they have to make ALL. So at least be patient because they’re doing this for US.

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  5. omg ppl im a editer my self and a gfx artist its not hard to edit and come please it doesnt take 5 mins to search another wordpress and thx lucy out of all ur site is probably the best and congratulations on your views!

  6. Hey lucy I have challenging request so can you make me a personal head? It’s supposed to look unieq original officiant and most like,y look like staff check all staff heads and you’ll know what I mean when your don’t just message me my gmail account is rayan2126@gmail.com please do not give anyone else this head! I’ll pay you if I have to when I get unbanned thanks!

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  8. the halloween head the one with white hair and has flashing on it, i like it a lot but i can’t upload it just because there is flashings fix it please

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