I’ve worked very hard on those hats, give me credit if you’re editing ❤

You can’t upload Hats, they’ll (maybe) be sold in Graal.

Hope you’ll enjoy this new collection!

hatbylucyclownjesterhatbylucyclownhatHatbylucyclowndollhatbylucyclownhat2 clownbowbylucyhatbylucyturtle hatbylucycrown hatbylucycrown2hatbylucytabascohatbylucycincodemayo


59 thoughts on “Hats

  1. People are starting to say the hats are ‘stolen’ images. They say that’s why they were removed from nexus. Is this true? 0.o

  2. I am a fan of your gfx making skills! I have one of your heads! It has helped me a lot…so i thank you for that! But will you plz make a 2p mount? Like a dinosaur with armor! Thank you! 😊😄😃😀

  3. Rule number 1: THESE HATS R NOT STOLEN rule number 2: LUCY MADE EM rule number 3: if u dont trust idc rule number 4: THATS THE TRUTH>:|

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