Color Changeable Bodies SET TRANSPARENCY

Nico's cute bow tieNico's suitebunny bp1-bysophiebunny bp2-bysophiebodybylucy body-node-skirt-leah2body-node-skirt-leahlovely-plain1body1 body2slev.1cpb2dfgdhjBow-Lucy-Indexed

body-strip-cc-leah-red2 body-strip-cc-leah-blonde body-strip-cc-leah-lightpurple body-strip-cc-leah-black body-strip-cc-leah-white body-strip-cc-leah-violet body-strip-cc-leah-red body-strip-cc-leah-pink2 body-strip-cc-leah-pink body-strip-cc-leah-greenblue body-strip-cc-leah-darkpink body-strip-cc-leah-darkblue

body-leah body-skull-leah-bunny1 body-skull-leah-bunny2 body-skull-leah-boy body-blonde body-black body-brown body-pink body-red body-1 body-2 ad2 ca2 5 recolour-body1 recolour-body2 classic_personal_body_graal790864-124 dress 0 poncho-backpack long hair jhgf 19 15 14 13 99 00 Body-4 Body-3 Body-2 Body-1suit-body-bs-ohwalaOMYGAWD UGLYcc4rq   b   ABSCBSSCd S N M cpbglbunny


Nico added wingss on itlucydollbody bodybylucy bodydragonbynicobodyn°3Bodyrecoloration bodybodyn°2bylucygrey2  bodyn°2bylucygrey bodyn°2bylucycrimson bodyn°2bylucygreen2bodyn°2bylucygreen  bodyn°2bylucymarine2   bodyn°2bylucymarine   bodyn°2bylucy  300cabodys 300body 3   1   2   BodybyLucyn°3 1.Christmas-body   Christmasbodyn°2   ChristmasBodybyLucy

360 thoughts on “Bodies

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  4. Hey LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I would like to request a body. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE! I would like a long sleeved varsity jacket that is white and navy that had black tennis shoes with a white line on the bottom. I would like the sleeves to be white, buttons to be white, and an H on the top right shoulder to be white. The middle part of the body to be navy plz! Can u do this? Also if so how long will it take and where will it be posted? Can it be a private request? Thanks! 😊

  5. I really love your designs! But I was wondering the bodies that have hair on them.. Once you upload them will they still be there?

  6. So If You Upload a Body And You like The Colors You Set The Transparency And If you want to change the colors you don’t set it??

    • I think if there’s a visible background in the body that you’re going to upload, you need to set the tranparency and the opposite will go if there’s no colored background. I’m not a professional and I dont have a place in any site, but I hope this helps!

  7. Hi Lucy ! i love your website!! i have problems with the indexed bodies. I want to change the color but it wont change i dont know why😦 am i doing something wrong? Help me please. Thank You

  8. hello❤ in an other website named ItzAquaGfx there is a credited body of you and i cant upload it because of a visible bg😦 i have tried it with and without transpercy and it didnt work😦 plz help

  9. LOVE YOUR BODIES!!! Could you please do a body of Misa Amane from the anime Death note???😀 (its fine if u cant) YOUR WEBSITE IS AWESOME BTW

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