Halloween Heads! (Lucy)

As promised here are 48 new halloween heads, all gif!! I hope you’ll like them ;D

I edited from Gunner, Cttwins and Depot.

I will try to make even more before the -50% off ends.

15halloween30.215halloween3015halloween30.315halloween30.415halloween30.515halloween30.615halloween30.715halloween30.8 15halloween1 15halloween2 15halloween3 15halloween4 15halloween5 15halloween6 15halloween7 15halloween8 15halloween9 15halloween10 15halloween11 15halloween12 15halloween13 15halloween14 15halloween15 15halloween16 15halloween17 15halloween18 15halloween19 15halloween20 15halloween21 15halloween22 15halloween23 15halloween24 15halloween25 15halloween26.2 15halloween26.3 15halloween26.4 15halloween26 15halloween29 15halloween31.2 15halloween31 15halloween32.2 15halloween32.3 15halloween32.4 15halloween32.5 15halloween32.6 15halloween32.7 15halloween32

Don’t forget to check last year halloween heads too

Here they are :

lucyhalloween28 lucyhalloween4 lucyhalloween5 lucyhalloween6 lucyhalloween7 lucyhalloween14 lucyhalloween15 lucyhalloween16lucyhalloween17lucyhalloween10lucyhalloween9lucyhalloween8 headbylucyn°77.4 headbylucyn°77.3 headbylucyn°77.2 headbylucyn°111 headbylucyn°111.6 headbylucyn°111.5headbylucyn°111.4 headbylucyn°111.3 headbylucyn°111.2       headbylucyn°59brownheadbylucyn°90headbylucyn°90redgreenblue headbylucyn°90redgreen headbylucyn°90purple headbylucyn°90orange headbylucyn°90greybluered headbylucyn°90greyblueheadbylucyn°90greygreenheadbylucyn°90greyblue headbylucyn°90greyblack headbylucyn°90grey headbylucyn°90brown headbylucyn°90blue headbylucyn°90blackhead_skull headbylucyn°85 headbylucyn°85.6 headbylucyn°85.5 headbylucyn°85.4 headbylucyn°85.3 headbylucyn°85.2headbylucyn°85.7headbylucyn°83 headbylucyn°83.3 headbylucyn°83.2 headbylucyn°82 headbylucyn°81 headbylucyn°76.8headbylucyn°80headbylucyn°79headbylucyn°76.7headbylucyn°76.6 headbylucyn°76.5 headbylucyn°76.4headbylucyn°76headbylucyn°76.3 headbylucyn°76.2 headbylucyn°75 headbylucyn°75.4 headbylucyn°75.3 headbylucyn°75.2 headbylucyn°74blue headbylucyn°74black2 headbylucyn°74black headbylucyn°74


I.dont.even.know.what.im.doing_x.x halloweenhead20halloweenhead21halloweenhead23  halloweenhead15 halloweenhead14 halloweenhead10 halloweenhead9 halloweenhead8 halloweenhead7 halloweenhead6 halloweenhead5 halloweenhead4 lucyhalloween11 lucyhalloween12lucyhalloween13lucyhalloween18 lucyhalloween19 lucyhalloween20 lucyhalloween21 lucyhalloween22 lucyhalloween23lucyhalloween24 lucyhalloween25 lucyhalloween26 lucyhalloween27 lucyhalloween2 lucyhalloween3 lucyrosekiahedit9 lucyrosekiahedit8

New dolly kind heads (Lucy)


Here is an edit of Cttwins.

I made it look like the doll style, hope you’ll like them <3

Don’t forget to reply to the poll down! ^-^

Kisses from Lucy

lucy-ctt-cat6 lucy-ctt-cat lucy-ctt-cat4  lucy-ctt-cat2 lucy-ctt-cat3 lucy-ctt-cat7


New CUTE heads !! (Lucy)

New heads!!! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I didnt have the time to make gfx earlier, i’m sorry! I was sick so I finally had time to make heads xD

Hope you’ll like those heads (: I made edits from Zoey and a friend who had her head stolen >-<


newlucy3newlucy4 newlucy2 newlucy1 Lucyzoey4 Lucyzoey3 Lucyzoey2 Lucyzoey


Thank you so much for all your views and comments <3 <3 <3

New cute heads :3 (Lucy)

Hope you’ll like those cute heads!

I always forget to write don’t set transparency xD

You have to set transparency when there’s a background. Here the background is transparent so don’t set transparency ^-^

Have a beautiful weekend! Lucy<3



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