Long time no see (Lucy)

This is sad but true, the website is definitely dead. I don’t have any news from Gfx artists I’ve recruited in October…

I thank people who are still visiting, wish you all the best ❤

Kisses from Lucy


Hello There! (Venus)

 Hey guys, my name is Venus and I play classic. I make animal uploads (normal heads on occasion too) and I take any kinds of requests! Please email me your requests at daniellaleon12@gmail.com. I hope you guys have an awesome halloween, and I’m looking forward to be active on here! Thank you to Lucy for letting me join 🙂
(Make sure to set trans on the cat head with blood! and give credit)
venus4 venus3 venus2 venus1

Scary Head and Body (Cookie)

here is a new head and body ive been working on, its a scary type of head and scary body  I REALLY like them, on the head  I edited the colour, eyes and almost everything besides the shape this is a amazing head I love it so much!!!!!!!!! On the body I never edited much only the skin and some little details, I also added a preview for all you preview lovers, I liked  the post “format”. So l will probably do more posts like this!

Also a thanks to everyone to helping me get this far with my website


credits to cutiefactory for the body and graaldepot for the head

set trans for both of them




Inactive (Cookie)

ill be starting school tomorrow and I wont be able to post Mondays to Tuesday I just wanted to let you all know so your not like “is cookie dead, was she ate!!!” Sooo Ill still post once or twice a week if I get the chance, I also have a head for all you guys so enjoy my last post till Friday

credits to outcastedgfx


Panda sets (Cookie)

Today I seen some girl with a panda body and so I had an idea so do panda sets!!!!!!!! I used a hoodie because it looks better, I did a non extension hoodie too credits: and I found the head on: sabrinascakegfx.wordpress.com, I think she ifilled it but I don’t know. I only changed the mouth on the head bodies: outcastedgfx.wordpress.com

enjoy and give credits

panda headuntitledwp-1470436582037.png