Old personal (Sofie)

Hello everyone, It’s time that I post something again, so here. have my old personal:) and please do give credit❤  If you have any Requests, you can find me on graal with the name Sofie and that’s all from me right now.
unnamed (1).pngCredits to: cutiefactory

inactive (Cookie)

I know ive been inactive I’m so sorry about that ive been busy with school and working on and cool head for all of you guys here is one of the heads. Set trans and btw I worked pretty hard on this so give credit.


undertale previews(Cookie)

I have been working on a frisk and chara undertale bodies for you guys I just wanted to give a preview of the chara one and ill give pictures of what each of them look like in the game. I should be finished by the weekend.. If you don’t know what undertale is, its a game that I loooveveee

enjoy the previews plus pic


unnamed (1)

requests open (Cookie)

I’m opening requests for the site :33 anything you want tell me in the comments or message me on Graal classics. I’m not taking personal requests if you want something I have to be able to put it on this site. Unless I know you well or you well. pm me in Graal online classics,here’s my profile I change my head a lot so just find the guild not mature I’m the leader of that guild.




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