New dolly kind heads (Lucy)


Here is an edit of Cttwins.

I made it look like the doll style, hope you’ll like them <3

Don’t forget to reply to the poll down! ^-^

Kisses from Lucy

lucy-ctt-cat6 lucy-ctt-cat lucy-ctt-cat4  lucy-ctt-cat2 lucy-ctt-cat3 lucy-ctt-cat7


New CUTE heads !! (Lucy)

New heads!!! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I didnt have the time to make gfx earlier, i’m sorry! I was sick so I finally had time to make heads xD

Hope you’ll like those heads (: I made edits from Zoey and a friend who had her head stolen >-<


newlucy3newlucy4 newlucy2 newlucy1 Lucyzoey4 Lucyzoey3 Lucyzoey2 Lucyzoey


Thank you so much for all your views and comments <3 <3 <3

New cute heads :3 (Lucy)

Hope you’ll like those cute heads!

I always forget to write don’t set transparency xD

You have to set transparency when there’s a background. Here the background is transparent so don’t set transparency ^-^

Have a beautiful weekend! Lucy<3


New heads! (Lucy)

Hello guys! Here are some new edits from Bella Winter and Ifrost.

I know I haven’t been really active those times cause of a comp prob but that’s okay now (:

I’ll try to post much more than before!

Kisses from Lucy<3

Lucyifrost1 Lucyifrost2 Lucyifrost3 lucysophie15 lucysophie16 lucysophie17 lucysophie18 lucysophie19 lucyxmas7 lucyxmas8 Lucyxmas9Ifrost Lucyxmas10Ifrost Lucyxmas11Ifrost lucyxmas12bellawinter lucyxmas13bellawinter lucyxmas14bellawinter

Title? Title ! (Sophie)

Uhh Its not weekend yet but as always I got bored again and made some heads , I took the braid pigtails off a head Jessie made (1)  and basically changed them into extensions.


If the head or body wont work please tell me so i can fix it , set transparency for the body!

(Just by the way , i´m mostly on era now so if you want to contact me there I´m the leader of the guild Century)

braid-extensionhead-1 braid-extensionhead-2 braid-extensionhead-4 braid-extensionhead-5 braid-extensionhead-6 braid-extensionhead-7

braid-extensionbody-1 braid-extensionbody-2 braid-extensionbody-4 braid-extensionbody-5 braid-extensionbody-6 braid-extensionbody-7


Happy new year! (Sophie)

So I´m skyping a friend (Blazer Zalinto , hes in my gang in era , “Century” , please spam him with pms saying “I like turtles” if you have time ^^<3) while writing this and so far I had no clue what to write in this post so I´m gonna say it the way he told me to ;


I just randomly made a some stuff cause i got bored and it looks .. eh .. just check youself

I don’t even like it to be honest x)

Head is an edit of a head i found on Graaldepot , (was to sell on classic a long time ago if anyone remembers that o-o).

Body is from a guy called Yogy


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