MARU is back! (Maru)

omg screams!!! I’m so happy to be back at this amazing site!

So first of all I would just like to give my appreciation to the beautiful lucy for recruiting me back! last time I joined I wasn’t exactly posting, this was because I was extremely busy and I didn’t feel quite comfortable with the amount of people that had joined! However I am back and I would love to stay posting for lucygraal 💗 & I am honoured to post for boys and girls that come to upload!
NOW! whatever I post on here I will be posting on my main site if not more, I would really appreciate if you do come and visit as well because I guess it is still new! (


Hello Everyone (Lucy)

First of all I’d like to thank you guys for all those views, we still have so many views each days even tho we are not posting…

It has been a while since I have recruited some new gfx artists but the website is still inactive as before.

And in plus some of the gfx artists have stole some ppl works…

So the website will stay inactive till we have the time to post something new or if i have the chance to find a new active gfx artist.

Hope you’ll have amazing summer holidays<3

Thank you for your support!

Love you!! xxx


Old personal (Sofie)

Hello everyone, It’s time that I post something again, so here. have my old personal🙂 and please do give credit❤  If you have any Requests, you can find me on graal with the name Sofie and that’s all from me right now.
unnamed (1).pngCredits to: cutiefactory

undertale previews(Cookie)

I have been working on a frisk and chara undertale bodies for you guys I just wanted to give a preview of the chara one and ill give pictures of what each of them look like in the game. I should be finished by the weekend.. If you don’t know what undertale is, its a game that I loooveveee

enjoy the previews plus pic


unnamed (1)


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