Color Changeable Bodies SET TRANSPARENCY

Nico's cute bow tieNico's suitebunny bp1-bysophiebunny bp2-bysophiebodybylucy body-node-skirt-leah2body-node-skirt-leahlovely-plain1body1 body2slev.1cpb2dfgdhjBow-Lucy-Indexed

body-strip-cc-leah-red2 body-strip-cc-leah-blonde body-strip-cc-leah-lightpurple body-strip-cc-leah-black body-strip-cc-leah-white body-strip-cc-leah-violet body-strip-cc-leah-red body-strip-cc-leah-pink2 body-strip-cc-leah-pink body-strip-cc-leah-greenblue body-strip-cc-leah-darkpink body-strip-cc-leah-darkblue

body-leah body-skull-leah-bunny1 body-skull-leah-bunny2 body-skull-leah-boy body-blonde body-black body-brown body-pink body-red body-1 body-2 ad2 ca2 5 recolour-body1 recolour-body2 classic_personal_body_graal790864-124 dress 0 poncho-backpack long hair jhgf 19 15 14 13 99 00 Body-4 Body-3 Body-2 Body-1suit-body-bs-ohwalaOMYGAWD UGLYcc4rq   b   ABSCBSSCd S N M cpbglbunny


Nico added wingss on itlucydollbody bodybylucy bodydragonbynicobodyn°3Bodyrecoloration bodybodyn°2bylucygrey2  bodyn°2bylucygrey bodyn°2bylucycrimson bodyn°2bylucygreen2bodyn°2bylucygreen  bodyn°2bylucymarine2   bodyn°2bylucymarine   bodyn°2bylucy  300cabodys 300body 3   1   2   BodybyLucyn°3 1.Christmas-body   Christmasbodyn°2   ChristmasBodybyLucy

222 réflexions sur “Bodies

  1. Hi, Lucy, Sophie, or Leah!
    I was wondering if you’d be so generous into indexing a body for me?
    Actually, I edited the extensions from this body off your site!
    So, if you’re up off the task, please email me with the email I put below!
    Thank you so much!

    • Ok u need to find the head or body u want hold it after a second it will say save imige then u go to the App Store and get the puffin free or it for money and get pic converter it shows two kids then on the puffin look up graal depot and then press the upload picture then go pic converter and press png then put the picture u want then when u put in your email for puffin tap the thing onder the email put your picture from the pic converter and the press upload it will show some people press the guy wit errings then press upload and if it said this persone is not online go and find the game then dibble tap on the home butting hen start the upload thing again

  2. can u make a body ? a one that i would love is one where u c te purple one with the bunny bag?? it would look nice with something to on it example : a collar! thanks ur awesome remember me lucy?? im cookie we took selfies in ur house XD

  3. u need to make more these r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old gosh

  4. please make a body with no extenstions i lovee the one that is a sweater with a backpack and it has bunny slippers has extenstions and i has extensions

  5. Hi, can you make a cat body that you can change colors on it and make a belt that goes on it that would be really nice :).

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