Long time no see!! (Lucy)

Hello everyone! Long time no see ^-^

Hope you’re all enjoying your holidays!!

Whenever I go on graal I receive so many wonderful messages and it makes me wanna make more and more heads, thank you so much ;D

As I promised on Instagram, here are the heads of the week, hope you’ll like them! (Sorry boys I’ll make boys heads next time :p)

Wow there’re 185 new comments I have to see xD Thanks again and sorry if i’m not replying to all of them<3

Original hairstyle for the first head: kelsiesgfx.wordpress.com

YO (leah)

i got sweat mails and comments but please don’t send me anything now i don’t have time to read and reply, 

well i just share the work of Crito from  http://cttwins.wordpress.com you must check this gfx, their work is ORIGINAL, DIFFERENT, COOL, BEAUTIFUL, SPECIAL they also seem really nice.

they have many other things you will love, so trust me and give a look.

i won’t post anything anymore so pleeeaaaase check! they need more views and they deserve it!!

edea_body snowhite_body edea_head swb_head

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE (Lucy)(And a little bit Nico)

I thought it was important to make a new post the 4th of July because today is Sophie’s birthday! So happy birthday to my lovely Sophie! I couldnt have done that website without you, I still remember two years ago when we first met and when we decided to make a website. A lot of person wanted me to make one but I was always saying “No I’m only making personal heads for friends”.. Maybe because hosting a website alone is much more difficult, I accepted to make one with you. This is the start of our friendship I’ll never forget. I know we’re not talking a lot those times, I’m quite busy and I’m not playing that often because after all, Graal is really becoming boring >~< But we've done our goal, arent we? 1million views..and we thought it was impossible at the beginning. Anyway everyone who've read this post please comment bellow to wish to Sophie and happy birthday!!
I wish you all the best Sophie<3
I hope that you’re happy because the Germans won vs the Frenches (Football world cup) >:0 I remember our first meet wow I said Hi you answered Hi that was amazing :3 so, again, HAPPY B-DAY 😂
(sorry I suck at english uhuhu)

Woops cx (Nico)


I’ve forgotten to post a last head and some bodies :3

Nico's cute bow tie Nico's suite Nico added wingss on it Nico's blond hairWell… I only added wings on the two black bodies… The skull one has been made by Asarte (I don’t want to say stupid things but I think that it’s right) and the other has been made by Diamond 127, thanks again! (and sorry, I also suck at english x.x)

OH AND YEAH BTW, a player called “iT’sNico!” on era is stealing “my” gfx (I’ve written “my” because I only do edits). Please don’t trust him when he says that he made all “my” (again :3) stuff.

HAY HAY HAY<3 (Nico)

I’M LATE (and I don’t care) BUT THANK Y’ALL FOR THOSE 1 000 000 VIEWS<3



Y’all know that: I suck at gfx ok. I’m not as good as Lucy, Sophie or Leah SO I only do edits… I’ve edited this head:

IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE EDIT:Nico wasted 2 hours on itThanks!


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