idea (leah)

i’m impressed by myself.

well i got an idea (wuut) and because it’s really hard at the beginning to get views on a gfx, so (if lucy and sophie agree) i could create a new page on this gfx where we will share other people work (with giving credit and only for the people who want). I think it could help people to be more known.




you should give a look ;)

Hi<3 (Lucy)


I was tired to towering (with Cruxis Love that’s the most awesome guild I saw<3) so I wanted to have a look at wordpress.

Well, it seems like im the only one who’s posting now. I’ll have to work harder to replace Sophie and Leah…

Okay so here are the boys heads I’ve promished and some cute girls heads ^-^
Hope you’ll like everything!<3

headbylucyn°251.4headbylucyn°251.3headbylucyn°251.2headbylucyn°251headbylucyn°253.5 headbylucyn°253.4 headbylucyn°253.3 headbylucyn°253.2 headbylucyn°253 headbylucyn°250.8 headbylucyn°250.7 headbylucyn°250.3 headbylucyn°250.2 headbylucyn°250headbylucyn°250.4

As promised here is a picture of you Cheesecake ;D Thanks again fro your status<3

I always have so many kind and nice messages on graal, I wanted to say thank you all!<333



I’m sorry (Sophie)

Not sure if I’ll ever do gfx again … everybody just steals .. its so stupid , I don’t have personal head for ppl to steal them .. I’m sick of this and it’s not fun anymore to do gfx . maybe I’ll post once in a while but I’m done for now.


New girl collection! (Lucy)

Hellooooow! It’s the holidays here so I had time to make a new girl head with recolors ;D

It’s an edit of one of my valentines heads, I’ve put the braid longer and more up.
Hope you’ll enjoy

Kisses from Lucy

Next heads will be for boys!

headbylucyvalentine3NEW headbylucyvalentine3NEW2 headbylucyvalentine3NEW3 headbylucyvalentine3NEW4 headbylucyvalentine3NEW5 headbylucyvalentine3NEW6 headbylucyvalentine3NEW7 headbylucyvalentine3NEW8 headbylucyvalentine3NEW9

Hello everyone ! (Lucy)

First of all I wanted to say there’s a mistake about the F you all post, it’s from Sophie xD

Sorry for beeing quite inactive but I’ll make sure to post at least one post a month ;3

I made some edits of Sophie’s wonderful heads, the last one is made by scrath.

Hope you’ll like them <3

headbylucyn°230 headbylucyn°230.7 headbylucyn°230.2 headbylucyn°230.6 headbylucyn°230.5 headbylucyn°230.4 headbylucyn°230.3headbylucyn°230.8headbylucyn°232 headbylucyn°232.2headbylucyn°232.5 headbylucyn°232.4 headbylucyn°232.3 headbylucyn°231 headbylucyn°231.2newheadbylucy

Read lmao …(Sophie)

Yes i am also a Person , if i write (sophie) it means that sophie made the Head / post , ofc Lucy is a good friend , but it makes me rage a little how everybody just credits her , Even for the stuff I made :/  

I just wanted To say that …





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